Well, hello!

I'm JL, and the kiddos from tallest to shortest are True, Elle West, and Evley Love! I'm a stay-at-home turned work-at-home mom who loves the pretty things in life! As much as I do though, things aren't always pretty. So I work hard to cultivate the feeling within myself & share it with others.

Designing and making pieces we can wear and share with people we love fills my heart, hands, and days with joy. We started on Etsy in 2012 and are excited to see where this next phase of the business adventure takes us! We give in the spirit of pretty + random acts of kindness via the The Pretty Kind Campaign and we hope you find something in our work that resonates with you!

My favorite things include down pillows, great fitting jeans, coffee, natural light, soaks in the hot springs, writing, bracelet making and wearing, feeling good, full moons, and allllll those people that I love. Did I say coffee? I really, really like coffee. And sunrises and the warmth of the sun. Ooh, and silk + leather bracelets. Mmm... I love all things and people The PKC. And someone named Gabe, a lot. Little Letty. And True, Elle, and Evley grew my heart so big that I had to start sharing it with the world. I love you, too. Just so you know. And country music and the ranch. Not the t.v. show, though it's entertaining... Hmm. Maybe I ought to just write a book. 

We'd love to connect with you on social! We keep things styled on Insta and Facebook @prettybyjl and get personal @theprettykindcampaign on Instagram! We're even trying to figure out how to interact on YouTube. Be sure to say "Hi" from wherever it is you like to hang out most! We'd love to get to know you!

How to put on our best selling adjustable bracelets and wraps: 

To clean your Pretty by JL silk accessories:

Fill up a bowl of warm water and suds up some Le Blanc’s Silk & Lingerie Wash (can be found on Amazon) OR mild dish detergent (I use Meyer’s Clean Day). Then, soak the bracelets for 5-10 minutes. After that, use a clean, soft bristle tooth brush to gently scrub them with the soapy water. Soak the pieces again in clean water. Next, rinse in running water, and then pat dry. Lastly, reshape the bracelet with your fingers and lay on a paper towel to dry.

They usually come nice and clean. But they also soften, and the silk colors aren't as vibrant after washing. It's best to avoid washing as long as you can to help the integrity & vibrance of your silk bracelet last as long as possible!

Ways to keep your silk bracelets looking new:
1. Avoid getting wet - don't wear in the shower or swimming
2. Remove before cleaning or wear kitchen gloves
3. Remove before working out
4. Remove before bed
5. Avoid getting lotions or perfumes on your PRETTY pieces
6. Avoid wearing (specifically light colored pieces) against sterling silver bracelets, as a black residue from the silver may wear off on the silk