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Collection: Free Spirit - A Collection by Elle West

This Collection is made in part and curated in whole by Elle West, our middle daughter. With each piece we capture a bit of her Free Spirit and claim it for our own while preserving Pretty by JL style and quality. 

Her golden birthday is in 2023 - She'll be twelve on November 12th and from each piece sold a portion is going into an account to put toward her golden birthday trip! She once thought she might like to visit Egypt, but we are open to how her interests may evolve over the next 2.5 years. Check in here regularly for new pieces and updates on her earnings, trip ideas, and goals.

Her first piece, Serape Rag Braid, is releasing on Friday, June 11th at 9am MST. She will be receiving $5 for each of these pieces sold. Her current goal is to sell 400 Rag Braids to be able to put two-thousand dollars toward her golden birthday trip! Be sure to follow along on Instagram @prettybyjl for more info and behind the scenes peeks!

Upate 10/17/21:

Elle has a pretty solid plan + goal in place for her golden birthday trip! She wants to visit Denver for a week, take a friend, and do alllll the big city things like: stay in a hotel, eat out, go shopping, go to Water World and Elitch Gardens, and pretty much anything else her heart desires! She's pretty calculated and chose Denver because we can drive (saving money on airfare). She'd like to have three thousand dollars saved to pay for the week of her golden birthday dreams. She has made and sold 80 Rag Braids to date and has $500 in her golden birthday account ($100 came from money she earned from Grandma). Elle has 2 more years to make and save. She figures if she makes twenty pieces per month ($5 x 20 = $100), with twenty-five months to go, she'll reach her goal! She's on track so far! She's allowed to change her mind, so it'll be interesting to see how the details of her Golden Birthday Trip develop. Because visiting the Dartmoor Zoo is a pretty enticing idea... if it weren't for that darn airfare, haha! ✈️

Thank you all so much for supporting Elle's work! That you do is a gift to both of us 🎁

You can see stacks styled on Instagram with Elle's pieces via the hashtag #FreeSpiritElleWest

Update 4/15/22:

Elle's golden birthday plans have been rearranged since learning that a Harry Potter world exists in Florida! She is on track with pieces, having sold 172 Rag Braids so far 😱  She has about a year and a half to make and save to reach her three thousand dollar goal. She has $966 now ($100 from grandma) and most enjoys custom orders and when I let her pull her own silk for flash sale pieces. We are nearing the one year anniversary of Rag Braids... we're thinking a celebration of some sort might be in order! 🎉

Update 1/5/23:

It's Harry Potterrrrr YEAR!!! Elle West turns twelve on November, 12th! CrAzY!!! This girlfriend is highly Harry Potter World motivated and I don't see her wavering this close to the end... Since we took such a long break this fall, she may not make her three-thousand dollar goal. BUT I have no doubt that she'll try and she still will likely have enough to make the trip. She has $1,180 saved breaking down to over 230 pieces sold! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for loving her work. She can't wait to get back to at ❤︎

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