Collection: Color Love - A Collection by Evley Love

This Collection is curated and made in part by Evley Love, our youngest daughter. With each piece we capture her love of silk and color while preserving Pretty by JL style and quality. 

Her golden birthday is in 2023 - She'll be nine on July 9th and from each piece sold a portion is going into an account to put toward her golden birthday trip! So far she thinks she's like to stay in the hotel at the Pagosa Hot Springs so we can soak + swim for dayzzz. But we are open to how her interests may evolve over the next 2 years. Check in here regularly for new pieces and updates on her earnings, trip ideas, and goals.

Her first pieces Flamingo, Aqua Alligator, and Sunny Days Forget Me Knot Bracelets are releasing on Friday, July 23rd at 9am MST. She will be receiving $2 for each of these pieces sold. Be sure to follow along on Instagram @prettybyjl for more info and behind the scenes peeks!

Update 10/17/21:

Evley has made and sold over 100 Forget Me Knot Bracelets to date! She has, as of today, $234 in her Golden Birthday account with just under 2 more years to make + save! Her latest "plan" is to spend several days and nights at the Pagosa Hot Springs Resort, buy mama coffee, and go to the candy store for her birthday 🥰  She sometimes begins to change her plan to something that resembles big sister Elle's plan. Both girls sometimes begin to change those plans to traveling to Europe to visit the Dartmoor Zoo. Sooo... we shall see & will update again in the New Year! Thank you a hundred times over to those of you who support the girls work. This has been an incredible thing to work on with them ❤︎

You can see stacks styled on Instagram with Evley's pieces via #ColorLoveEvleyLove

Update 4/15/22:

Evley Love looooves to make Forget Me Knots and has aspirations to take over the family business some day! We developed her first 4 Strand Forget Me Knot (which she gets paid $2.50 per piece for) that released on April 1st. She plans to master knots and eventually offer a 9 strand Forget Me Knot to match the number of strands sister Elle uses in her Rag Braids (*note though that Elle does not tie her own knots... knots are hard. It will take Evley awhile to work her way up to 9 strands of silk). 

Evley would make a hundred pieces per day if I could support her in it 😂  She loves creating flash sale pieces, Customs, and color ways for releases. She has sold over 250 pieces so far and has $544 in her golden birthday account. Her plans have changed, as she now wants to accompany Elle to Harry Potter World in Florida. Buuut... I feel like plans might change yet again, with over a year left to make, save, and plan.

Update 1/5/23:

This is the year! Evley Love will be nine on July, 9th! So crazy. So far, it's looking like we're still hoping to hit up a Harry Potter World with sister, Elle. It's just a matter of whether we do Harry Potter California or Harry Potter Florida... Evley will be good with either because the other golden birthday wish is to go snorkeling. If you have guidance around the better option, let us know!

Evley has made hundreds of pieces now and has saved just over $700 to put toward her gold birthday experience. She's ready to get back to work after such a long break this fall! We cannot thank you enough for loving her work!

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